Batam Is Haunted

This happened to me when I was on a trip to Batam with my family in the year 1994. As we were only staying for a nite, all of us checked in to a room. Thank goodness, the hotel room was comfy. It was even considered grand compared to what we saw at the immigration. Everything went smoothly during the day. It was only at nite that something happened. My 2 sisters, my mum and myself shared the bed while my father had to bunk on the sofa. Being the 2 eldest among the gals, my mum and me slept on opposite sides at the edge of the bed. I was flat by the time my head touched the pillow.

I had this really funny dream that sent me into a fit of non-stop giggling that woke my mum up. I dreamt that my mum was cycling downhill (she can`t cycle!!!), so that means she was going zig-zag, was wearing this ugly and fluorescent-coloured blouse and huge skirt, her hair was tied into 2 pigtails at the side and her makeup was horrible (she had these 2 bright red spots on her check).

I was enjoying my dream when I felt someone shaking me. I jumped up and saw my mum beside me. She hurriedly asked me to wake up and changed sides. I was quite blur considering the fitful sleep I just had. It was around 4+ in the morning when I checked my watch. Obeying her instructions, I slept through till about 8am.

It was only after everyone had woken up did she told us what was wrong (even after my pestering). She explained that she heard my non-stop giggling and thought that I was talking to my sis so she made nothing out of it. Only when she turned her head, did she saw “it” sitting on the side table and tickling me.

From her explanation, the “it” could well be a pontianak. Only after saying some prayers and ordering her to go away, did my mum brave herself to come over to my side.

After hearing that, I was thankful that I can wake up from that dream. Never in my entire life have I come across / experience anything with the supernatural. I sure don`t want to experience it again….

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