Bathroom Door

Sometimes, after listening to ghost stories from ur friends, u would hope that 1 day, u would have a ghostly encounter of ur own to share. Well, that was what i wanted. And i got it. It was the 1 and only experience i had to date.

It was abt 8 pm and i was walking home. I was walking along the back of the block(place where u look up, u could c clothes being hung to dry) and from where i was, i could c both the bathroom and toilet through the kitchen window. I looked to see whether they were any signs of my family.

The bathroom light was on. This was always the case even if no one was at home. Then, it seems that some one was pulling the bathroom door close, but i couldn’t really see who. But i guess the person was already inside, therefore he wasn’t visible to me. From wat i saw, i assumed that someone was at home.

Then i went up home. When i tried to get in, i noticed that both the gate and door was locked. Strange i thought! Why would they lock themselves in.

When i finally got in…………..i found out that i was alone! Then who was ………….!!!!!! I was shocked and at that particular time, my mind was flashing back that event i encountered juz now. I went to check the bathroom but the door was not shut but the light was on.

I ran back into the living room and couldn’t bring myself into the kitchen again. I informed my family when they got back. They dismissed it as the force of wind.

“Wind?”, i thought. Interesting!! The door was a sliding 1 and there was no way it can be pulled shut by the wind. What do u think?………….

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