Beatty Secondary School

My story is about my school Beatty Secondary. My teacher Mr Chan who is now my PE teacher told me this story, it is about the class above mine, the class is 4T1 where my teacher Mr Chan told me that a room in my school hall was a place where it can bring you to the third dimension so i went to that school hall where i will be going to that place and i will see whether it really bring me to the other dimension (feeling i mean) ūüė° but i must wait until next week as i got ASSEMBLY.

The other place is behind my class where it is near a canal where a old man was jogging and suddenly just faint at the entrance of my back gate i don’t know whether this is real or fake i will go and check it out. i know this story because my brother was studying this school ten years ago where he told me that a old man was joggin at the back entrance as what i was saying but tell u ppl the through actually is a few days when that old man died my brother and his friends smell something rotten as they were in their PE lesson.So they went to check and saw a rotten human which it was that old man jogging, and then next day my brother and his friends came school early in the morning to do their duties and took the classroom key guess what they saw………. is the same old man jogging and he even wave his hands to my brother and his friends i don’t know whether it is true or not if you dare you people from Beatty can come school by the back door and see whether you can see anything or not then come to my class find me and tell me did you really saw the old man jogging around the back entrance of my school Beatty Secondary.

My class is 3T2 this year plz come and find me as i‚Äôm afraid of that kind of thing but the third dimension thing i will try and go in so i will type in here when i went to that ‚Äúthird diemension‚ÄĚ thing !!!!! CYA!!!!!

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