Storeroom Broom

I was walking alone in the school when I was attending my school camp… and I was the only one patroling in the school corridor when I heard the sound of broom sweepins… I was thinking… Who was it? It’s already so late… All the cleaners and servants have gone home long ago.. Then suddenly I recalled that last time a lot of seniors told me that there was a broom in thee storeroom which will sweep by itself when it reaches about 1am… They also said that the room had never been opened… It has always been locked. And u can only see the inside of the room when u go to the oppsite side of the school block…

I was real scared when I recalled those few stories they had told me… Ten I went back to the foyer to ask my frend along with me to the oppsite side of de school block to see if there were anything… While we were walkin to the oppsite side, we heard the broom sound again and it was getting louder and louder…. We felt very afraid… When we reached the exact opposite side of that room, we could SEE the broom sweeping by itself… It was real scary… Me and my friend dunno what to do as if our legs had got roots grown to the floor and we couldn’t run…..

After a couple of minutes, we both let out a cry, held hands and ran with our fullest speed back to the foyer… When our teacher saw us running, she asked us what had happened, we dared not say and we just said that we were playing catching with our other friends… After that we had nitemares for a few nites and I even got scolded by my frend for askin her to go… The experience was real scary…

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