My Primary School

There was one day, all the primary six students had an overnight camp at our school. I was in Primary 6. It started on the first day of my camp, my friends and I were so excited. We had to be in school by 5pm. As we reached the school, we went to assemble at the school hall. As I went to the hall, I heard someone was talking about my school that this school was spooky and haunted but I did not believe. We reached the hall and assemble, we went to our class and split ourselves into 6 groups.

After that we went to the field and set our tents so we can sleep in there. At night we have campfire and sing-along. After our campfire we had a nightwalk game, we have to walk round the school to find our names, after we found our names, send it to the music room as fast as possible. We have to play this game with our group. We were so excited to play the game.

The game has started, we were so excited but when we came to this area, there was no light and we have to walk through the dark without using a torchlight. My friends were scared to walk so I walked in front of them. I told them that there was no such things as ghosts. But I was wrong. As I went to the dark with them I felt that someone was holding my hand and as I turned, there was no one. I quickly ran beside them and told them about it.. Suddenly THE LIGHTS went on and off. We felt scared and ran to the first level, as we ran the ghost was shouting in a scary voice… After that we told our teacher-in-charge and he told us to stop playing the game and went to our tent for a rest… but we felt scared we waited at the music room until the game had finish..

That was the last camp I ever went but now I am schooling at CSS, I do see things like that and I am not scared of them cause I could see them everywhere I go… For CSS students plz BEWARE! THE OVERNIGHT CAMPS, THEY WILL BE WAITING TO SCARE YOU ANYTIME. Now I am in sec 2T1 class…

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