Horror At Camp Night

If u don’t believe in this story, then don’t read it .

Well that time i was just 11yrs old. My cca camp was held in the school. We had alot of fun in day time, but our fun ended at 6 pm.

That time we are schedule to take a bath at the 4th level. The toilets are quite big and we r given 1 hr to finish the bathing. While we are bathing, we heard a loud shout from outside. Then the lights went off and the smell turn 2 the smell of the blood.

We were really angry and scared b’cause we’re thought it was the boys playing with us. 1 of the the student leader went ou .Suddenly we heard a very loud sound. It sound like a gun shoot. Then the power supply went back as normal.

We all went out 2 see wats happening.

We then saw the gal full in blood. No!!!!! It’s not the girl but a bloody person. The hair is very long but she is not floating at all but holding a girl. Its the leader.   

She, the ghost than suddenly float on the corridor 2 the hall.

One of the boys came out and then called the rest of the malay boys and we the girls ran behind them except for the silat girls and boys(as theres alot of silat student in the cca).

The boys ran 2 the boys room and came back with a pack of salt. A water bottle, a arab holy book, a keris and empty glass bottle. They then read the book and then take a t-shirt and wet it with the water. One of the boy cut the shirt into 2 parts.

We the girl sit down and then recite some verces that we have learn from the lessons. We also close our eyes and i stand up, told the leaders to bring the girls to the hall and close the gate so that no one are allowed to go out or in after they had all enter.

I then help the boys 2 fight the thing. At first while they were fighting, i threw the salt that was already been said some holy verses. The salt hit at the thing. With the help of imran (his my b.f.). the thing sudenly shouted in pain the thing is burning and while it is happening, imran take the keris and stab it into her heart i think. The thing then suddenly disappeared.

Then we ran back to the hall and ask the leader to bring out the girls to the canteen to let them have abreak and then to the tents at the school field.

The next morning, we told the teacher in charge to call all the parent to fetch their children home.

From the incident on wards, we were not allowed to enter the toilet or the forth level after school.

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