Bedok North Ave 4 Blk 99

Some blocks of the HDB flats had to be abandoned for years because of this case. There are spirits wandering high in the air in the second photo. Singapore, Bedok North Avenue 4, Block 99 , there used to be a famous suicide case where a mother threw her sleeping 3 year old child down from the 25th floor, after which, she fell to her death. The police classified the case as suicide and no foul play was suspected.

The family had problems, financial as well as extra marital affairs problems. The husband owed loan sharks a substantial amount of money and he was seeing another woman and wanted a divorce. The wife refused and both quarreled frequently, thus leading to the family breaking up. What’s eerie was that at her death, she was wearing a bright red dress– her wedding gown. She left behind no suicide note, but she wrote something on her wall, that would send shivers down the spine of any living being. She wrote “Its not over, darling” (in Chinese) with her OWN BLOOD! Though the lady in red never returned, someone else did…..

The husband wanted to sell the house but could not find a buyer, later, his mistress moved in and they got married. After a few years, they had a son. When the son was 3 years old, something spooky took place. The boy was taking a nap in the afternoon, suddenly he started talking and laughing in his room. The maid went in to check, to her horror, she found the boy smiling, eyes transfixed on the wall and he said “kor kor” brother). The maid related the events to the parents that very night but they brushed it aside and said they he was probably fooling around.

That same night, the son suddenly cried very loudly and ran to his father and said that Kor Kor bullied him. The father scolded him and told him not to make things up. The boy refused to sleep in his room and hence the father let him sleep in his room. In the dead of the night, loud banging of cupboards and loud cries of a child could be heard coming from the boy’s room. The crying though, seemed oddly familiar to the father. It sounded very much like the cries of his late son.

Pertified, the father told his son to stay in the room while he and his new wife went to check on the commotion When they entered the boy’s room, nothing was found. Just as they heaved a sigh of relieve, their maid screamed!

Husband and wife rushed back to their room to find their son standing at the edge of the window. It was not know how the grilles were pried open, but there he was, laughing, smiling and waving goodbye to them. He is flying with superman, his brother. One final flying kiss, and he leaped to the darkness. Both mother and the maid fainted on the spot……The next day, police swarmed the place once again for investigation. The father was a wreck at the point of time while his wife was still too distraught to speak. On the walls of the parents room four chilling words were scribbled. This is for mommy” (in Chinese) in black. The police has classified this case as unnatural death, no foul play was suspected again. Till today, the unit is still vacant as neighbors go around telling potential buyers about the history of the house. Rumor was that the night of the incident took place, it was the birthday of the 3 year old boy (the one that was thrown down by his mother). Many neighbors heard strange eerie sounds of a woman crying softly that night. Years have passed, but till today, many people still hear the laugher of a boy and a woman in the middle of the night!!!

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