Kim Tian Road Blk 129

It was 10.00 p.m. and i was walking back home from work as usual. Every night seems to be as normal except for this friday night that i have to work an overtime.

It was a friday night that i returned from work at around 1.16 a.m. I was walking all alone that night where i saw a woman sitting on the staircase. It frightens me because she was staring at me as if i owe her something. She really frightens me that i just look at the lift door and hope that it will open soon. What scared me most that i feels that the strange woman was standing just beside me. I was sweating that i dare not to turn my head to look at her.

Finally the lift`s door opens and i quickly get in. What surprise me most is that she does not enter the lift. She just turn to her right and walks away. Why is she standing by the lift door in the first place?? That confuse me. I live in the 9th storey. The lift`s door opens and it stopped at the 5th storey. I was shocked. I was alone at the lift and i`m sure i press the 9th storey button. Then i saw that strange woman walk pass the 5th storey door. How does she walk up the stairs that fast. She stopped and turn her head to look at me. I frozed! I was too terrified to move, not even my eyes were blinking. Then the woman walked away.

It happens the same thing night after night, so I decided to follow her one night.

The lift`s door opens and i`m pretty sure it will be 5th floor, and i`m right. Then the same woman walk pass. I was just pretending to close the lift`s door. Then i opnes it back follow her from the back. She was not walking like a proper human being. It seems she was floating. Her movement has no rythm of a walking being. At first i did not thought whether she was a “thing” or a normal human being.

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