Ho Ching Road Blk 114

I didn`t know about this incident until my mom told me sometime back.

We used to stay at a rented 3 room flat way back when I was very small. I shared my room with my parents at that time. Few incidents when my mom was sleeping, she would feel someone is looking at her through the window. Though sometimes my mom would actually opened her eyes and looked towards the window. She would see a shadow with just its head popped out from the corner of the window. Although she could see my dad through the door as the bedroom door was opened and my dad was still awake at that time, she couldn`t scream or move her body.

Though the times she saw the shadow, the shadow appeared to move in closer and closer each time she encountered. And each time my mom couldn`t move or scream, she would just stare at the shadow.

We finally got our chance to move out of the flat and I was in the poly. We moved to a temporary 3 room flat because the flat we bought was a new flat, so it wasn`t ready. My mom encountered the shadow again. And it begun the same way as before. It started at the window with its head popped out, and slowly each time move in closer.

Our new flat was ready after a few months stay at the temporary flat. We moved it and did the standard chinese ritual. After a few months stay the shadow appear again. It was following my mom. My mom has had enough of it so she went to the temple to get a blessed pouch. She placed the pouch under her pillow and the encounter stopped ever since.

After telling me these, me mom added that she had always sensed our current house was not really “clean” after all. I used to feel the same way, especially my mom`s bedroom. It feels so cold and lonely in there. But now its better because we rented out one of the rooms to a married malaysian couple and I`ve got a cat and a dog to warm up the place. But sometimes my dog would just stare at a particular place for no reason…

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