Bedok North Blk 541

Okay well here goes. This happened a long time ago, but I still remember. It’s about an apartment at Bedok North Blk 541 . A lot of scary things happened there.

My grandpa died in 1997 so after his death my grandma took my two aunts and three uncles, and moved into an apartment, which was just upstairs. It had only two bedroom, with a little cemented backyard on the back even though it wasn’t on the ground floor. My grandma, my two aunts and my youngest uncle shared one bedroom, and my two older uncles shared the other. It was said that in the apartment my grandma moved in, a girl of about 5-7 years old fell from one of the bedroom’s window.

One day, my aunt was in my grandma’s room playing Barbie (Yah, she was still young at that time). She played for a while but then she decided to go play outside with some of her friends. While she was getting out she saw that in my uncles’ room, a boy was playing video games. She thought that it was probably my youngest uncle, so she ignored him and just walked into the living room. When she got to the living room, my youngest uncle was out there. She asked him if he was playing video games in the bedroom, but he said he didn’t, so she got scared.

Another time was when it was just my three uncles, two aunts, and me home in the apartment. It was pretty late so we decided to go to sleep but then someone started knocking on the door. Nobody wanted to go get it because it was so late already. Then the knocks got louder. My eldest uncle and I got mad, so both of us went to go check, but no one was there. Both of us went back and got ready to go to sleep but it started again. This time it was louder! It was like that person was dead mad or something. My older uncle went back to check it and again no one was there. So he got mad and started cussing at it. After that, everyone tried to go to sleep but this time the knock was at the backyard’s door, which was all glass. My 2 older uncle went to go check it but still, nothing nor no one was there, so everyone decided to go sleep in my grandma’s room, and my oldest uncle put a knife under his pillow. (In my culture, to scare a ghost away, put a knife under your pillow, or hang a purple corn next to you.)

Another time, one of my grandma’s aunt, around her age, came to visit her. It was pretty late and everyone was sleeping except for her, because she came from a long way, and she wanted to watch some movies that my grandma has, so it was only her. and She decided to sleep outside in the cemented backyard. She told us that while she was watching movie, she heard someone said “Sister-in-law, come on, let’s go!” The voice kept on telling her to go, so she got mad. She knew that at that time no kids would still be playing around so she yelled back with anger “Go find your sister-in-law somewhere else, I am not your sister-in-law!” Then she looked and it was a cat. The next few day, the old man next door to my grandma died.

Yeah all of these are true, I’m still freaking out while I’m typing all of this. Even though this was a long time ago, I’m still scared. My youngest aunt, the one who saw the boy, was always seeing stuff, and she was always crushed by someone while she’s sleeping. (something comes on top of her then she can’t move nor talk.)

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