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I think that my house is haunted. No, I KNOW that my house is haunted. Here are my stories:

I was once jolted out of a sound sleep by the sound of my doorknob being jiggled (you know, as if someone was trying to get in if the door was locked). I never lock my door while sleeping though, so I thought it was pretty strange. Thinking that maybe I had forgotten that I had locked my door, I went out of bed to check it. Sure enough, it was unlocked. The jiggling still continued though. With some trepidation, I decided to open the door to check things out, just in case it was a burglar or something. The moment I put my hand on the knob, the jiggling stopped. I opened the door immediately. There was no possible way that the person who was jiggling the doorknob could have run away. (I was beginning to think that it was one of my siblings playing a trick on me, even though it was late at night and everyone should have been asleep.) Notwithstanding that, there was no one standing at the door when I opened it. Scared, I just closed the door again and hid under my blankets, before I feel asleep again.

Another thing I experienced at my house was when my cousins were sleeping over there. It was already getting close to midnight, but my brothers and my cousins were still playing the PlayStation. I was with them. Since it was the school holidays, our parents didn’t mind – much. A few hours later, having decided that they finally had enough, we all decided to head back to bed. On the way to my bedroom, I happened to look out of the window to our balcony. To my horror, I saw a white figure standing there. It looked as if it was a woman, and it seemed like she was facing the balcony door. There were street lights right outside the balcony, so I could see pretty well. Remembering my recent experience with my door, I didn’t wait to see more. I just hurried to bed. When I checked out the balcony the next morning (morning seems so much safer, don’t you think?) there was nothing there that could have made that white figure. There were a few boxes, but they were on the wrong side and much too low besides. When I asked around, no one had used the balcony for ages.

I still live in the house right now. Although, so far, nothing has happened, I dread my next experience with the supernatural.

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