Bedok Town Secondary

It was 5 years back. I am in my sec 4 and i myself was an ava club members. What i do as an ava club members was to help to setup speakers and microphone for the school asembly. We got a station that was used to control the speakers and microphone, that was in a room. Only we are allowed to enter.

We heard before that our senior told us before that the room was haunted but of course we don’t believe it. What we know was, in the room at one of the corner, we found a chinese tomb and there is a lady picture on it. We have been in the room for almost three years but nothing happen. Until one fine day when we were ask to stay overnight as the music band having school camping so they need us to stay back. That was during the june holiday.

The first night, every thing goes smoothly but the second night what we saw was really scary. You still remember the chinese tomb that i was talking about? We found it under one of our canteen table and we were so scared because how did the tomb came to the canteen. Later at the far corner of the canteen, we saw a lady bringing a small kid with her. One of us shouted. Then the lady turn back and look at us. She seems to turn her head off. She throw her head and her head was heading towards us and of course we start to run out of the canteen.

After that nite, when the morning reach, one of my friend that shouted was sick and when he was send to the hospital after a few days, he was dead. So do you think that the ghost have taken his life?? Well, until now, i was not sure about it. What do think??????????????

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