I have encountered with a lot of strange things. Perhaps I inherited the ability from my grandpa who can see “things”.

Well, I was in Punggol campsite, near punggol marina. We had the solo night walk. It wasn’t very dark but it’s very quiet. We were supposed to walk along a path and there will someone fetching us in the finishing line. I was excited because I love this kind of adventure.

As I walked, i felt someone seems to walking along with me. But i told myself that it’s only my imagination. I kept on walking. No one seems to fetch me. I thought that may be I had not reached the finishing line. At the end of the path , there is a loop so i followed the loop path. Again no one was there. Soon, I heard someone calling out my name, “Stoker..stoker..” the voice was coarse and soft. I turned around and asked the person to show himself but no answer. Then i walked again..”stoker..stoker..” i heard it again. I was kinda pissed, i shouted “Where are you??!?!?!” the voice gone, I walked back to the starting point. Then my instructor told me that everyone in the camp was worry about me because “I HAD DISAPPEARED.”

Believe or Not, think it wisely…Respect them and they will respect you.

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