NPCC Cadets

This must have been the freakiest tale I’ve heard about the NPCC caampsite in Pulau Ubin..(you know, you know??!!)

See, at the campsite, there’s this greenhouse that we use for shelter when it rains? Then we would sing all sorts of cheers to pass time? If you look to the sides of the greenhouse, you would be able to see two watch towers. One is called the ‘black house’ and the other ‘white house’.

The problem is, these towers (or ‘houses’) have spiral staircases that are inside for people to climb to fuel the lighthouse. The catch is that in the black house, the stairs is built from the base to the middle only, making it impossible to reach the top. The white house on the other hand has stairs built from the TOP to the middle., making it even more impossible to climb. But how is it that every single night, there would be light coming from these towers? Also, in the greenhouse, where we get shelter and do our lashings with the spars, have you ever noticed that there are like ‘tunnels’ in the walls? Big big square tunnels, where they put the spars infront of the tunnels to block it? Why would they put the spars at the FRONT of the tunnel and not IN the tunnel, if they really wanted to store the spars? The thing is, this tunnel leads to the black house. Past cadets went in before, and they never came out. NPCC cadets going for your annual ATC or future aspiring CIs, please take note of these things. Whether they’re true or not, i’m sure you wouldn’t want to find out for yourself.

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