Jalan Bahtera Camp

My school, Bukit Batok Secondary, had been having this camp for secondary 3 students for years, and unfortunately, I was choosen to go. This whole incident happened 2 years ago. I wasn’t too enthusiastic to go, but I had no choice but to go as it was compulsory. There were stories of “strange” happenings in the camp and at the nearby army training areas, and these stories didn’t make the trip any better. We were staying in a certain camp whose name I forgot (Which was beside the Scout Campsite).

The first 2 days were uneventful, luckily, nothing happened, even at the solo nightwalk through the forest.

On the last night, something eventful happened, which would be permanently etched in my mind.

First, let me give you a rough map of the camping grounds.

Tower->XX +++++++ <-Boy’s Camping Grounds * ->XX +++++++ <- *** <-Campfire Site S * | Stairs to Canteen We just finished rock-climbing and rapelling a few hours before, and we had just finished cleaning up. We then had dinner. Customary to most camps, we had a campfire on the last night. As me and my friends were the first few to finish our dinner, as the gluttons we were, we were chosen by one of our camp counsellors to carry some long benches to the campfire site. We had managed to finish the task earlier, and were resting on the benches. There were 5 of us, and 1 to 2 camp counsellors. The rest were still cleaning up and getting ready. While we were on our way back to our tents to pick up some things, we noticed a glowing green figure on the top of the rockclimbing cum rapelling tower. As our eyes were playing tricks on us that time, we thought that there was an army building behind the tower, and it was some kind of light from one of the building’s windows. You see, during our rock climbing cum rapelling session, there were a large group of soldiers taking a rest from training just beside our campsite(behind the tower) with their weapons and all. We thought their camp was behind our camp, thus we arrived at the conclusion that the green glowing light was something ordinary, not supernatural. While we were having the campfire, everyone was enjoying themselves, as it was the last night and all. We totally forgot about the glowing green light, until during the middle of the camp, when we could see some uneasy eyes turning periodically to the green glowing object “supposedly” on the tower about 50 meters away. Now that it was much darker than before, we noticed that the glowing light was like a “Glow-Stick” which was previously used during our last night-walk to mark the walking boundaries. Near the end of the campfire, we could see that everyone was uneasy. Then, one of our camp counsellors spoke up. She told us not to worry, and we should just ignore it. The more i looked at it, the more i felt jittery. At the end of the campfire, one of our male counsellors suggested that a group of us should go investigate the glow. He seemed very determined, but another counsellor greatly opposed to his plan. He gave in, and I began to think it was all a big joke and act. The more i thought of it, the more I thought that it was impossible to place the glow stick on top of the tower, furthermore, with a white sheet over the stick. You see, to go up the rapelling tower was no easy task, and it was very dangerous too. The ladder was very large and its rungs were very far apart. As I was also one of the last few off the rapelling tower and when everyone was off the tower, my group were also assigned to clear up the surroundings of the tower, we didn’t notice any green “light” or white sheet on top. Later during night supper, i talked to our rapelling instructor, a Malay guy, and he was very serious. I jokingly suggested that the green light-stick and the cloth was a joke, and he solemnly said that it really wasn’t a joke or prank. The night was unusually humid, and most of the night was spent twisting and turning on our sleeping bags. The next day, we noticed the green glow and the cloth was totally gone. It wasn’t feasible for anyone to go up the tower at night, as it was even more dangerous. We were also told that something happened to one of the girls in the girls’ camp. Till this day Im still wondering what happened that fateful night.

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