NCC Camp At Pulau Ubin

I was in my ncc camp when this thing happen. It was my second night, it started when my friend shout” kalau berani datang ahh!”(if u dare u come) before we sleep.

On the first night my friend heard noises in our bunk, it sound as if like people playing basketball in our bunk, and when he told ask what he heard all of us does not believe him.

Then the next day(after the second day) was our last day. We were very shocked when we saw our boots which we put at the side of the bed dissappear and the alarm clock which we set at 5.30 did not worked and instead og alarming at 5.30 it alarm at 6.30am. And the boots was as if making aline to the next room and at the next room there was an umbrella. And we came to a conclusion that the sir was the one who did it. Because of that, we came down late and got scold by the sir. When our sir was scolding us not knowing the truth, our sergeant interrupt him by telling him what has happen. At first we thought that the sir was just putting and act as we thought that they were the one who did it, but not.

When the sun rise, and when we were having our breakfast, one of the sir ask me. If i suspect any one who did it, well my answer is NO! as everyone in my bunk has slept before i sleep and if i were to blame the other platoon, i dun think so as by looking at their face i knew that they were good and will not do that. When I ask the sir why he ask me, he said that the room beside our bunk is haunted and many who had stay in or beside the room will be disturbed by funny things.

I was so lucky as it was my last day and that the sir had told me on the last day.

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