The Camp Ghost

This is a story i heard from my ncc friends. Last year june holidays my school ncc boys went for a camp in jalan bahtera……

After a tiring day of hiking my friends headed back to camp. A and B were in night watch while the rest retired for the night. At about 12.30 am at night two boys y and k were shaked by amazing force. As the seniors had warned y and k about that force, the two boys did not open their eyes to find out what had tried to wake them. After 12 mins of trying, the force went away. At that time, A and B saw a white blur come out of the tent y and k were sleeping in and vanished in the woods nearby. A ran to check up on the boys while B alerted the rest . They found the two boys panicing and telling out a million words at a time.

I did my investigation on the matter and found this out. The force is actually a soldier who had drowned in the swamp nearby. He dislikes anyone to sleep while he is suffering. A lot of campers who camp at jalan bahtera had experienced this force.

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