Black Crawling Thing

One day, after my school had just finished organizing a fire drill, I decided to stop my the girl’s toilet to straighten up my ‘tudong’ (Muslim headscarf). I was just about to leave the toilet, when, to my shock, I saw this black crawling thing on the floor of the toilet! It looked like a man with very dark skin, but the way he was crawling was weird. All stiff and jerky! Plus, why would a grown man be crawling on the admittedly dirty floor of my school’s toilet?

I backed out of the toilet, keeping my eyes on the thing the whole time. To my horror, just before I lost sight of it, our eyes met! Pale and shaken, I ran back to my class. I didn’t tell anyone about it.

A few days after that, my friends and I were just hanging out. One of them decided to take my picture with her camera phone. Suddenly, I saw her eyes widen after taking the picture. I asked her what was wrong, but she just shook her head. I didn’t believe her however, and forced her to show me the picture that she just took. The picture was perfectly normal, except for one thing: over my face was a dark shadow, which made my face look almost black – almost similar to the crawling thing I saw in the toilet! I screamed and deleted the picture. I went back home soon after that.

And now, sometimes, when I’m alone in the room, I feel like something is watching me. And the picture thing? It didn’t happen just one time, it has happened several times already. I’ve always deleted the pictures, because I get too scared when I look at them.

I don’t know what is happening to me. Is that black thing I saw haunting me now? Someone, please help!

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