BMT School 4 Haunted

I wanna share my story which happened during my Bmt was last year.  I was situated in school 4, rocky hill. I don’t want to say which company but there was an altar at the back of the company which is now demolished for dunno wad reason. As the days, weeks gradually passed, theres been supernatural stories circulating around the company which even has been brought up to the OC and i got to hear it officially from him. Apparently one of the recruits got his leg grabbed and pulled when he was sleeping and when he realises, no one was there. I took it with a pinch of salt since nothing had happen to me.

Eventually, on week 6 of BMT, I kena and it was the most scariest moment i ever experienced. Ok so basically, on of the night, I was sleeping normally like everyone else and out of the unexpected i woke up at exactly 3 am. I thought it was normal because people have been telling me they also woke up at 3 am, maybe its the Tekong effect. So i try to went back to sleep and this is where it started.

I heard knockings on the window. And it was not like just once but a few times. Anyway, my bed was located in between two windows with me facing away from them and outside the window is the corridor. It cant be the commander knocking because who would have woke up at 3 just to check. So i thought maybe its the wind or the usual cracking sound windows we used to at night. I ignored it and return to sleep. Soon after, ****..i heard a very distinct sinister laugh. As soon as i heard it it gave me goosebumps, my heart was pumping so fast like its gonna burst. The laugh was deep and it sounded so clear like its coming from inside my ears. I was so terrified that i didn’t open my eyes and at the same time reach out for my blanket and cover myself. I didn’t sleep until 5 bx..and it was torturing for me because have to endure the whole day of training.

Gradually over time, theres been even scarier things that happen to other people. Like one guy he saw someone sitting cross legged on top of the cupboard beside him, he was sleeping on top and my section mates keep saying in the middle of the night can hear someone playing with the lock..

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