Botanical Garden

This happen to me during my army time at botanical garden for attachment, now the camp had demolished. The camp is a damn ulu an deserted, when I reach there I can tell how sianz it is, small camp,  not much people, just squirrels and funny insects the worst of all you have to do guard duty cos lack of man-power. So happen to me my guard duty that day, LL the DO ask me to trim grass & wild plant instead prowling around wit my M-16.

Remorseful, i started to whack the banana tree wit the parang and swear at the DO. Swirl left to right with my parang behave like rambo at the surroundings & bring down the banana tree with just a slide. Happily, tell the DO job done(nobody bother you), then proceed to bathroom for shower. Half way, i here someone slam the door outside. Ignore and carried on shower, but somehow i begin to feel not alright.

To summarize, upon reaching night everyone feel tired, close the opp rm door & sleep.In the middle of the night somebody bang on the door. So i go n open the door loh. To my surprise, nobody was there not a single soul. Then banging come again when the door is closed, you can hear is getting louder n louder. The DO(face turn pale)& say we better stay together rather going out cos he say is not human thing. But the banging sound keep on n off through out the whole night until we lost count & you can feel someone is out there. To be frank, we didn’t sleep the whole night hoping the sun turn out any moment. But i believe should be the spirit that i maybe offend. Fortunate that day is my last day attachment. Has any of you been the camp b4? Some sort of pest control unit.

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