Boy In Hotel

This is the story that my teacher told us. It began like this…….

My teacher friend told him that his friend (john) encountered a ghost. John book room 13 in a hotel(i’ve forgotten wats the name) The receptionist told him that if there is a call, don’t answer and try 2 on the tv in the midnight so as to make noise and have some light. So john do as wat the receptionist said.

The phone really rang in the middle of the night. He did not answer. And it happened every night. So 1 day, he pick up the phone. A boy asked him whether he could sing a song for john. “Ok” said john, and the boi started singing ” A,B,C,D…….”and so on. Then the boy ask whether he could sing another song 4 him and he said ok too. He sing the same song again. This happen every night.

On day, john said, “Where are your parents??” The boy said “They are in room 13.” John was shocked. He put down the phone and dash to the receptionist and told the recepionist what happen. The receptionist said the boy was drown in the sea beside the hotel and never found. And the boy’s parents was stayin at romm 13.

When John wanted to pack his thing and cheak out, he went back to his room. To his horror, before he open the door, he smell the smell of the sea and it is flooded with sea water. He open the door and saw a boy with an ugly face and cover with seaweeds.

That is what my teacher told me (he told us half way, sorri).

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