Hilton Hotel, London

I went to London last year with my girlfriend, and we stayed at the Hilton hotel. I remembered one of the days in our tour, it was free for us to go anywhere we wanted. I and my gf went shopping at the malls, and unfortunately i had my pocket picked.

Later in the evening, my mood was still affected by the pickpocket incident, and i chose to stay in the hotel to rest when she went out to buy dinner back for the both of us. I sat on the bed and turned on the TV while she left.

I began to doze off in front of the TV set. However, i was later awakened by persistent knocking on the door. Thinking it was my gf, i got up and answered the door.

When i opened it, i was surprised to see no one there. Mind you, our room the last on the 7th floor, situated right at the far end of the corner, and all the other rooms had their doors shut. I thought maybe i was hearing things, so i left a note for my gf and went downstairs to a nearby park to take a stroll.

It was already pitch dark by then, and i set on a bench under a tree, enjoying the coolness of the surrounding atmosphere. All of a sudden, i heard my name being called twice. I turned but no one was in sight. Next i heard a few girls saying something like “Wenhan, wanna come play with us?” This time i looked ahead and i saw 3 pretty girls in the distance. They looked to be around 17-18. I was also enchanted by their beauty, and they seemed to have a bluish glow emitting from their bodies. I got up from the bench and walked closer to them, and found out that they were also chinese.

But as i approached closer to them, they disappeared. A few seconds later, they called out my name again to go and play with them. This time, i turned and they were at a distance behind me. How did they get there so fast, i wondered. This time i got scared and i began running back to the hotel.

When i reached our room, my gf was already ready with the food laid out on the table. She asked me why i looked so pale and breathless, i just said i went for some exercise as i did not want to worry her. Over the next few days, i was running a high fever. Our holiday was ruined by the experience at hilton.

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