This story was told to me by my seniors…It’s really creepy…It happened in Campus 2 (the Westlake Campus) girls toilet on the 4th floor.

There was this girl…who actually commited suicide in that particular toilet. It was belief that she failed her 0 level exams and was scared that her parents would be furious…so she hang herself.

During camps…some people may here screams of the girl. Even my teacher saw a flying head~!! But he just ignore it and say some prayers. During my sec 1 npcc camp, girls have to sleep on the 4th floor..just a few classes from the haunted toilet.

My friend heard a tapping sound while she was sleeping. She was the only one who heard it. And during our nite duty..most of them saw a shadowy figure passed them.

Anyway…before the campfire…my friend forgotten to bring down her stuff..she went all the way back to the classroom to get it. On the way there..she passed by a study table. There was a long hair girl..Just sitting there. But when my friend returned from the classroom…she was gone~!

During another npcc camp later that year…i saw something that totally freak me out~! While i lying down..trying to sleep…i looked behind just to look at the windows…Guess what i saw? There’s a shadow of something…looks like a long haired girl..I was so scared..I told my friend beside me..She saw it too.. I say some prayers..and i looked back again (i was curious~!) It was no longer there…

Until now…i’m still scared to camp at skool….

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