Haunting At Sec 3 Camp

We were having this Secondary 3 camp at Jalan Bahtera’s Ministry of Education Campsite. We soon finished the day after a tiring camp day full of flying-foxes activities.

Anyway, we girls had just finish bathing and we were getting ready to proceed to our ‘nightwalk’. It was around 7.30pm, and we girls were waiting for the boys to finish cleaning their toilets. I was feeling a bit restless, so I decided to proceed to a blank space near the gate, where the peer leaders were seated.

It was dark outside, and the night air was kind of spooky. I was so restless, that I decided to shine the torchlight around, but it wasn’t to anywhere specific. I just swirled it around, and then there was something, a sound…

I guess it was normal, cause you might hear about anything out here. So I was kinda scared, and I switched the torchlight off. Then sound stopped. It was like it was groaning, but like, a bit weird. But I shrugged it off.

Then I was feeling bored again, and so I started the ‘torchlight’ thing again. It was the same thing. The sound started to be a bit louder, and I kept switching it on and off faster. Then suddenly, it was high-pitched.

The strange thing was that, there was a student councillor beside and she didn’t seemed bothered by the sound. I was kinda curious, so I peered my eyes and looked around…

The next thing I know was I looked straight at a figure of black, standing and moving around a Y-shaped tree. It was the most horryfying thing ever, and it was just twirling it’s hair around. I was at the moment of being hysterical, and I just found enough time to tell the councilor beside me what I saw.

“P-p-plleas-s-see, I j-jjust sa-w s-s-something…”

I was so shaken that when she looked at the thing that I was pointing at, she herself was so shaken that she gripped my hands.

I looked at the thing one more time, and I went totally hysterical.

The next thing I know was that I was running around like a mad woman, shouting in fear, with tears welling up my eyes. The memories of it being at the tree just made me tremble, and I was at last, so tired of the whole ordeal that I collapsed on the floor.

So many girls were surrounding me, and they were shocked to see me crying. Obviously, they didn’t know that I saw something, until I seemed to be possessed. It was terryfying.

They were soon chanting away, and surrounding me in a circle.

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