This story was told by my teachers and even some of the seniors. This story was told by my teacher. This incident happen about 6 to 7 years ago. It happen to two teachers who was working late. Both of them are women. They were working late that day in the staff room marking their student school work. Suddenly, one of the teachers heard people laughing in the teachers lounge room. So this particular teacher ask the other teacher who was just sitting behind her whether she heard someone laughing. To her surprise, the other teacher also heard it. They just ignore the first time.

But the sound was getting louder each minutes. So the two teacher ran out of the room. Luckily they met a servant who was working late that day. They ask the malay servant whether he went into the staff room. To their suprise, he said no. Suddenly both the teacher face turned pale. The servant asked them what had happen. They told him that they heard a man voice laughing. The staff says that it could be the man spirit that was laughing. The staff then told them that someone had died there. Luckily the spirit had gone and the never heard the laughing again. Thank you 4 reading..Hope the teacher out there does not experience this incident. Bye.

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