Misai Ghost

This was something I managed to experience when i was studying in that ITE a few years back. I will not name the ITE so as not 2 cause any trouble. Here goes, it was one of those fridays when i had class til’ late afternun..It was 6 plus i think..Most other classes had oredi ended early. Mine was the few exception…After class ended, as a punishment for coming in late..i was told to clean the lab..The teacher had given me the keys to lock up the lab while he went to the staff room..

To clear the rubbish..i had to throw it outside in the rubbish bin located another floor down..I locked the lab and proceeded walking down the stairs..and then guess what? You guys wouldn’t believe this..One floor down and i suddenly saw myself in the middle of a cemetary! I dunno why but i was scared stiff! I juz walked away quickly from all those graves but tripped over a rock and fell into a hole..Only to end up in the old changi hospital..I got up and explored the place..I noe the place was haunted and have been unused for many years…There was a path leading ahead and i followed it. I was in the mortuary now..I open 1 of the doors where they kept the corpse and 2 my disbelief..there was a corpse in there..I was shaking..Its head then disemberd from its body and fly towards me..And you now what? It was the misai ghost! Much more dreaded then the pontianak and all the ghosts in the land..Next thing i knew…i fainted.

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