Girl’s Toilet

It was my school’s 80th anniversay. A few friends and i took part in one of the concert. After performing on stage, we decided to explore the school in the nite to see how it look like. We went up the stairs making very little noise. It was very dark and the only light we have was a small torch and we all crowd around it. At the third floor, a girl who is about my age ran down the stairs from the 4th floor. She stop when she saw us and gave us a stare telling us not to go up. Then she continue to run down. We was thinking if she was siao. We didn’t heed her advice and went up.

It was extremly dark at the 4th level. We walk pass the girl toliet and we heard someone crying. At there, we saw girls been tortured by japenese soldiers after been rape. A girl even hang herself. At the sight of this, we fainted. When we woke up, we found ourselve lying in the field.

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