Buildings Of TKSS

I am an ex-pupil of tkss. recently, i went back to visit some of my teachers. I was rumoured that one of the cleaner of the school who was an old man, could see things. On that very day, the old man came to me and said some things…he said it in a funny language..which i couldn’t understand. He was like chanting, i felt frightened..the atmosphere around me became cold..very cold..i quickly moved away from the old man and joined my friends in their conversation.

Just then my hp rang. It was my girl friend. i didn;t want them to know wat we were talking bout..u noe, juz sweet talk…so i went up to the 1d was located at the corner. i leaned against the railing, for about 30 mins or so. Suddenly, i felt as if there was a staircase to go down..and felt a sudden chill too..a voice kept flowing into my mind..’WALK DOWN…’ this was all i remembered. luckily, a sec4 student, saw me. He went up to me and asked me wat was wrong. i told him everything and he said that the place that i was standing, a well used to be located around the ground there. A girl died there and wants whenever people stand there, they will have the same feeling. After this incident, i never went back to my ex-school anymore.

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