The Locked Toilet

The way my sec sch is built is quite funny because it has toilets at every corner.Most of the toilets at the technical blk (the ones located at 2nd and 3rd floor) are locked up and of course no one would wash those toilets.Every morning,after we had sung our sch song and national anthem, we would have to walk up the stairs of the technical blk and walk pass those locked toilets.

As I was a curious gal,I would always look at the locked doors of the toilets whenever I walked pass em and I wonder why they’re locked.I remember clearly that those toilets were always locked up but one afternoon,when I was going to the technical blk,I walked down from the 4th floor to the 3rd floor and I saw the locked toilet was unlocked…(our sch were using those old metal gates to lock the toilets)My curiosity got the better of me and as scared as I was feeling…..I walked to the toilet gate and looked inside….there was nothing but it was extremely errie……stale air was coming from it and not much sunshine could penetrate the toilet…Sometimes,if there is something then itz not so scary but the worst part is:there’s nothing to be seen,no white figures or errie sounds but one of the toilet door is actually closed or it seems to be locked…As we all know,toilet door can only be locked frm inside,and as far as I know,this toilet has been locked for at least 6 yrs and above and I’m sure there’s no way or reason they leave the door locked…..The only explanation is that spirit’s doing……I got scared and left immediately w/o turning back…but somehow I got a feeling that ‘it’ is smiling at me because ‘it’ has satisfied my curiousity…finally…Since then,I never take a second look whenever I walk pass those toilets again.

One day,me and my friends were exchanging ghost stories so I told em mine.One of the seniors then said that when they 1st came here to study,the toilets were still not locked.But one of their seniors at that time had just received their ‘Os’ level results and apparently she had failed badly so she locked herself in that cubicle and ended her own life there.Since then students had reportedly been seeing ‘her’ around in sch,that scared many students so the principal ordered the toilet to be locked up at all times.

As for the 2nd floor toilet,I dunno the exact story but the caretaker told us that a student also commited suicide there so they too locked up the toilet just in case.But the caretaker has been around our sch for a long time and he always sleep under the technical blk staircase,near the toilets.He said that sometimes ‘they’ wud chat wif him and he’s not afraid of ’em’.He even told us that the spirit of the 3rd floor is a fierce one but the 2nd floor spirit is more friendly. I believe what the caretaker said…What abt you?

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