Temasek Polytechnic

I’ve heard this story from one of my friends. This incident happens around 2 years ago during our year one orientation camp. It was late at night and two of the camp leaders have to take a patrol around the school to ensure that non of the camp members ran out of the camp. When they are patrolling, they saw a small young boy running around, playing hide and seek with them. They thought this boy was here to steal some stuffs away from the school so they chase after him. The boy ran rather fast, sometimes hiding himself behind the walls. This boy then climb up the stairs to one of our tutorial blocks and he open the door and ran into one of the classrooms. The two group leaders chased after him and they open the classroom door which he had entered. THE BOY IS NOT THERE!!!!!!

They then used their ‘walkie-talkie’ to call the security guards. The security came with one dog (Like the ones the police used)and entered the classroom. The dog started barking and wanted to run to one of the corner of the room, like something is there. The security then ask the two leaders to leave this place as soon as possible cause he feels that something is not quite right…

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