Calls From Dad

At first I am skeptical into believing it but shortly after receiving from the phone number that I had terminated sometime back and that was registered under my dad’s name, I was really shocked and surprised.

It all started when I received the first call and the voice I heard was he repeatedly saying to me “Why I never go see him”. At first, I thought this was some prank and decided to call back to determine what’s this all about and the mobile line seems to be hung up which I had tried calling on numerous occasion.

Then my mind was like telling me who the hell was that playing some prank on me but when I started to look again that mobile number what really came through my mind was that number seems familiar that belongs to my dad I dispelled that believe because he had passed away about 5 years ago. So a couple of days later there again I received the same call around passed midnight. I can’t determine that was his voice I heard but he was saying the same to me “Why I didn’t go see him” and I told him that if you’re not going to stop this prank I’ll have to lodge a police report on your mobile number and he hung up.

After a while, this time strangely he called again using my home number which really surprised me I have already terminated and that number was registered under my dad’s name. I quickly called my other sibling to verify the mobile number and that turns out to my believe was my dad’s mobile number and I told them about this incidence and they got really shocked.

Shortly thereafter, I went out to have late night supper with my cousin along and we were having fish ball noodles at Maxwell Food Centre. While there he called me again using my same home number and this time I tried talking to him asking him how he was but it was really a very short conversation which i hardly understand what was he saying and it seem like he was calling from afar. To my surprise he even said he was hungry too and wanted to eat noodle and that freaked me and I asked him where is he and he said he is at our home coffee shop downstairs and the phone just hung up.

What do you wish to believe if you’re me and are there anyone experience the same like me?

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