Came With The Machine

There are many stories about haunted houses or haunted places. There are also many stories of ghosts travelling with someone. Nevertheless, to my amusement as well as amazement, I discover another type of ghost.

A friend of Betsy had moved into a factory in Punchong Perdana some years back. As a new business venture, he got himself some new machines from Taiwan as well as other necessary machinery and tools. Problems started when the main machine kept breaking down. Apparently, the electricity supply to the machine tripped regularly.

The factory owner consulted a technician and was told that the machine was alright and the possible fault lies with the electric wiring. So, he called in an electrician and was told that there was nothing wrong with the wiring of the machine. However, the machine continues to break down occasionally. Frustrated, he consulted a few other electricians. Many checks were done and no fault with the wiring of the factory could be found.

One night, the factory owner was finishing his work until the early hours of the morning. As it was almost 3am by the time he was done with his work, he thought it would be a good idea just to spend the night at his office. He made sure everything — the lights, machines, etc. — was switched off except for the air-cond of his office before he dozed off.

Next morning, he woke up with all the lights, machines and air-condition switched on. None of his workers had come to the factory yet but every single electrical appliance in the factory was turned on.

He sensed something supernatural was at work. He later called for an Indian medium to visit the factory. The medium told him something that surprised him more than anything. The medium said, “There is a pair of ghosts couple who are tormenting the factory.”

“But how? This is a new building.”

The medium replied, “Yes, the ghost came with that big machine from Taiwan.” He pointed to the main machine the factory owner had imported, together with the ghosts, from Taiwan.

The medium then “caught” the two ghosts and put them in an urn before taking them away. The weird happenings around the factory never happen again.

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