Cameron Highlands

The first one is told by my cousin who is schooling at park view primary school. He’s in primary 5 this year and they recently had a camp for the primary 5 at that school in lim chu kang. Here’s how the story goes. Everyone was sleeping when this boy wanted to go to the toilet. He was walking towards the toilet(as it was quiet far from his tent) when he was suddenly carried up. He screamed so loudly that everyone could hear him. One of the teacher who was a muslim woke up and saw the boy being carried. My cousin also saw the boy being carried. The boy was about a few metres from the ground. They did not see the ghost but they only saw the boy floating on air. The teacher saw that and started to read some prayers and a few moments after that, all of them saw the boy being thrown to the ground. The boy was admitted to a hospital as he suffered some back pains. I’m sure that those who had seen that incident will not forget it especially the boy who experienced it himself. Remember..this camp was situated near or if i’m not wrong in the lim chu kang cemetery.

My second incident happenes when my family and my cousin family went to cameron highlands a few years back. I can still remember this incident clearly. It was almost coming to 12 midnite when we reached the hotel(cannot remember the name). My family and cousins family got a different room for each family. The hotel was only 3 levels high and both of our rooms were on the third floor. We had to climb the stairs as there were no lifts.

As i was climbing, the lift had this strange feeling. Oh!! More thing…During the ride to the hotel, all of us smelt jasmine flower smell in the car but we kept quite. So continue on my story…When we reached our rooms, i went straight away to the toilet…I opened the door and i suddenly had an eerie feeling when i opened the door of the toilet. I decided not to go inside the toilet.

When we were about to sleep, my dad opened the window and said some prayers to ward off the evil spirits as he knew they were with us as he had this third eye. When he had finished, he closed the window and slept.

The next morning, when we wanted to go home, my aunty said to us that when they were sleeping, she felt that the bed was shaking and she knew she wasn’t dreaming. She told her daughter to stop shaking as she thought it was her daughter but her daughter said no. My dad asked one of the workers woring at the hotel whether there was any ghosts there but she denied it. I looked at her face and i knew she was lying. My dad knew it too. But the worker finally said that the building next to the hotel was mortuary. My dad also told us that he saw three ghosts when we were climbing up the stairs. I was shaken and i knew i will not forget this incident.

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