Cameroon Highland Trip

It happened long time ago when I was around 15 – 17 of age. It began with a little trip to Cameron Highland. Ah yes, cool air and beautiful scenery. A perfect place to enjoy a vacation. But it wasn’t a perfect planned. My whole family which consist of 6 people stayed in a room booked by my father in M***** Hotel.(Not sure its still around or not). We arrived at the Hotel late that day. As usual we open the door and like any normal hotel room, will be greeted by cool bouncy bed and great bath tub.(we don’t have one at home) BUT that is a normal room.

This room in particular was strange in all sense. When we open the room we don’t feel like even jumping on the bed or feel excited about it. It felt something is off or missing. Nevertheless it was a joined room where there is a door connecting to the next room which my parents will sleep with the doors open of course.

I do not remember how the room look like but its should look normal but just felt weird.

Anyway, around 8pm, its time for bed. What I never expected is my sis ask my dad whether we could sleep with the toilet light on. My dad says no but he will let us switch on our night light.

Now this is weird, why would my dad let us switch on a night light when we sleep. It had never happened before. Anyway, rough day so I am too tired to bother and so I slept like a babe.

NOW, from the moment we enter the room till bedtime, we can always hear someone outside opening and closing the door. It didn’t occur to me since its day time but at night? During the wee hours all of us can still hear doors open and closing. From time, we can even hear people talking in the hallway and at times my dad will go out and check. And every time he would come back in quietly without muttering a word.

The next day, my dad says we wanted to change room but couldn’t find any room free since its holiday season and the hotels are packed. So my dad talk to my mum and we packed and move to another Hotel.

So, we packed up, get in the car and start looking for another hotel.

My parents didn’t say anything until a year passed that’s when they start to tell the reason why that day my dad allowed us to switch on the night light. Apparently, the room we book was taken up b another and so we got the one and only forbidden room which the reception actually was reluctant to give but had no choice since we are a big family and its late. My dad knew from the start this room is not right but since its already late so he had no choice but to take it anyway. My dad didn’t even sleep a wink the whole night just guarding us. My mum was up to somewhere in the middle of the night. Both of them knew the existence of current occupant. Weird huh.

Another time we went to Hotel S********* P*** we manage to book one last hotel room. Its a big one which can nicely accommodate 6 family members. And so we open the door and hmmmmmm. Weird, why is there smoke in the room. As in the smell of cigarette smoking which none of my family members is a smoker. Weird indeed. Anyway, we decided to ignore it and so we move our stuff in to the room. This room has a kids room at the corner.

Its small but just nice for a kid to sleep or a big kid like me ehehehe. BUT this room is queerer then the rest because the smell of smoking cigarette is the strongest. My sis and I wanted that room though since there is privacy and its a little unique since its kind like a room itself.

My sis is younger than me and usually she gets everything she wants but this time I got it to my surprise. A very unfortunate event.

As usual, when night comes we went off to bed. I went to bed much earlier than usual that day. During the night, I suddenly woke up but I couldn’t move. I wanted to shout but I couldn’t. The only thing I manage is a pathetic mewling help! from my lip. BUT I have been spirit pressed many times before and so this is not my first time. The weird thing is I got a little afraid at first that is when I started calling for help pathetically and realized I couldn’t. Then out of nowhere anger start to surge from me. The first thing that crosses my mind is “So you want to f me, I am so going to f you back”(sorry for the language but I was really pissed that time).

Without a second thought I channel out every strength in me to my right hand and start to move my hand. I try angrily to lift my hand up but it felt like as if there was a tonne a rock on my hand minus the pain. It felt hopeless trying lift it but I couldn’t care less and fought back with even more vigor.

Low and behold I started to lift it slowly up. It felt at that time that whatever it was holding down my hand started to lose its power whenever my hand got lifted a little bit higher. All of the sudden I can move again. Its as if suddenly the weight was lifted from me.

Immediately I felt I have won. I have win something that I never think I could win. Wow, I felt so happy and strong because I can beat it. When I start looking around the room, it felt not so much weird anymore and there is no more smell of cigarette. Oh well, its the middle of the night so jumping with joy is not an option so I went back to sleep with my guard up and ready to fight it again.

But fortunately it was smooth sail to dreamland and back. Since I was young, when I woke up I immediately tell my mum what happen that night. I think I kinda brag about it. PS: Its his room, I am sure he heard it all. Oh well, we stay there only one night so no harm done. I am sure if I ever go there again, that fellow will want a rematch. Hope you like my real life story.

My conclusion is spirits especially during spirit pressed will get stronger when you are afraid and terrified. But if you do fight back, they will lose power since they can’t leech it from you. That is my conclusion.

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