Naked Mystery

A few years back, I was having a stay-cation in a hotel for a week. I heard warnings from my friends that the place was hunted but I did not believe in ghosts that time.

One day, I came back drunk and was sleeping naked. Then suddenly I had a dream of me humiliated by 3 girls. I woke up and so I thought it was a nightmare. But when I got up from my bed, I had a vision there were 3 girls laughing and was holding my clothes. I should not even call it ‘a vision’ cause when it couldn’t be my clothes floating. I tried to close my private but I felt like a force was holding my hands and didn’t allow me too. Then I felt like nine soft hands were tying me up a wall and I couldn’t get off too. I was tied like my 2 legs open wide with my 2 hands opened wide too. Having all of these shocks, I fainted.

The next day, I woke up and the thing that tied me was loose. I freed myself and spent and hour searching my clothes back. I found my shirt and house pants but no the others. Having so scared of these, I ended my stay in the hotel and went back to my house. Since then, I close my private when I’m naked, doesn’t matter am I alone or not, ’cause if I leave it open, I can hear a female laughter.

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