Camping At Pulau Ubin

During my poly days, i was into ECA and signed up for a retreat at Pulau Ubin. One of the night activity was this. A bunch of us follow a guide into the forest. At the furthest/deepest end, he told the first guy to stand at Point A and wait there for move off only at a certain timing (about 1 hour later) and also to go to point B after that.

Then the 2nd guy to wait at point B until the 1st guy comes, this goes on until everyone is alone by himself and has to wait till the previous guy comes, when my turn comes, i was assigned to this kelong along one of the river. it was already 8pm and the whole place was pitch black….(forest mah..pulau ubin)…..i was coaxed to go inside and wait..after a while, from the moonlight, i can slightly see there was this table where they have prayers, floor was creaking etc….. i was so scared that i closed my eyes until i hear someone knocking on the door (think was like 30mins later)..”hey..u there ?…” lol my friend also dare not come in…he cannot even see me sitting on the floor even though i was only few meters away from the door. That was the worst experience i ever had…worst than Army training.

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