Incident At Sentosa

Was at sentosa for a church camp one year. We went to stay at one of those mansions or buildings just right behind Siloso beach, also up the hill. But we can’t see Siloso beach from our building as its been blocked off by the plantation.

The bathrooms are separated from the main building. Have to go down a steep flight of steps to use the bathroom. But toilets, there are a 1 each at each end of the building. Its those building who are elongated. The flight of stairs leading to the bathroom is surrounded by banana trees.

Then there’s also a similar building right next to us, but its heavily boarded up. And considering that our schedule is usually packed full, we have no time to explore the next building, there’s another building even higher up the hill as well.

Anyway, what happened was that, a friend of mine had asked me to accompany her while she removes her contact lens at the corner toilet of the main building. So while waiting for her, I was overlooking the banana plantation. That was about past 12mn, almost 1am.

At first it wasn’t very clear, but slowly, i thought I heard a female voice humming. Thought it was my imagination or something, so I tried to listen closer. Then the music gradually got louder. Thought it was my friend at first, so I approach her, but the sound wasn’t coming from her. Then the female’s voice got louder and louder as if getting closer. But there was no one out there ! It was a total pitch darkness. It sounded as if its coming from the banana trees itself. In the middle of the light, in pitch darkness on a extremely steep slope???!! And nope I know its not the camp group playing prank, as we are located right at the end of the building, and everyone was already asleep.

I believe my friend must have heard it as well, because she kept staring at me in shocked, then she quickly finish up her stuff and both of us scampered back to the dormitory. Had a hard time falling asleep that night.

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