The Gloomy Sunday

There is this song called “Gloomy Sunday”. The history of this song is legendary…..one of the most creepiest things that have ever happened. More than 100 people have committed suicide for no reason after listening to this song. The suicides happened for no reason. If you are depressed, please please please, don’t read this story. …

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Spiritual Dream In Bali

My first trip to Bali was during Chinese New Year of 2012. People there are very devoted in their religion same like the Thais. A very spiritual island, many religious sites to visit and some with a touch of mysterious stories. My first spiritual encounter was inside a hotel. Unlike in Thailand where I would …

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The Torn Talisman

I’m not too familiar about amulets or talisman but when we moved into the house I’m currently staying in, my mum got a talisman from some temple and pasted it on top of the doorway of the house and I’ve never felt anything wrong with the house until few years back. I’d have to walk …

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The Hanging Chicken

During my Ns, I was posted to Sispec. After BSLC(basic course), I was posted to ASLC(advanced course) with another company in SISPEC in early 2000s. Luckily the warrant officers and sergeant were more forgiving than in BSLC and while we still had tekan sessions, the frequency was lesser as we were really more into the …

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