Cathay Cinema Incident

Cathay Cinema (Dhoby Ghaut MRT) – This is one of the old cinemas in Singapore. Still standing there. I used to work there, as a projectionist. This was related to me by one of the long services colleague of mine ( 20 yrs! ). There was a movie playing during the 80’s. Some sort of a chinese ghost story, The Haunted Towers. One of the staff decided to play a prank on my colleague. He dressed up in the Pontianak outfit and went to the auditorium. Normally after the m/n show, they need to clean the place and clear the rubbish. my colleague was sweeping between the seats. Suddenly this guy jump on my collegue and scares the balls out of him. (Who wouldn’t be? I’ll be peeing myself). My collegue was of course pissed. The following week, the same show was showing again.

My colleague was on duty again. This time after the show, while sweeping, he thought he saw the guy dress up as the lady walking pass the auditorium entrance. Thinking that he wanted to give a piece of his mind for what he did last week, he chased after him. He called his name and started to scold him for what he did the previous week. Suddenly the ‘lady’ stopped between the staircase separating the stall and circle seats.

My colleague continuosly verbalise ‘the lady’ with colourful language. ‘the ‘lady’ did turned but it’s not the guy that scared him last week. Only then did my colleague realised that the lady had no legs. And the face .. well he was froze to that spot till he passed out. He was on MC for a few days. The best part is that the person that scared him the first time was on leave when it happened.

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