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When I was a child, I was sent to a children’s home. It was a missionary christain home located along Pasir Panjang Road. There were about 70 to 80 children being housed in the home. Children of all ages and races. It was a big house. It consists of three storey – the first level has got a big field with swings and playground, a big visitor lounge, a big study room, a big dinning room and a big kitchen. On the second level and third level, it has got a dinning room, a living room, a pantry and 4 bedrooms. Each bedroom can accommodate 8 to 10 kids. So you can imagine how big the house is. It doesn’t look eerie from the outside as it is a christain home.

When I was eight years old, only a year in the home I have already heard alot of ghostly thing that has been happening around the house. As I was young and couldn’t really understand what is all the fuss about. I dimissed all that has been said and was not receptive to all the stories.

But one thing really change my view. I remembered vividly I was then 10 years. As it was a school holiday, most of the children has gone back to their family. We were left with only a handful of us. So we were all put together in Bedroom 1 and 2. I was put in Bedroom 2, the room which was said to be the most scary room to sleep in. As the rooms are slightly bigger therefore it has got two rows of window being divided. One side of the windows are facing the kampong separated by trees and it look like a forest from the bedroom view. On the other side, the windows are facing the big field.

One night as I retired to sleep, I heard howling and something that sound like a baby crying from the kampong side. Being timid, I dare not say a thing but continue with my sleep. Slowly those noises became unbearable and it woke most of us up. We gather togther and summoned our courage to see what is outside the window. We have a shock of our life when we look out in the field, the swings were swinging vehemently with no one on the swings and on the kampong side, I catch a glimsp of a figure but I couldn’t tell what it was. It was waving to me like it was beckoning me to go to it. I asked one of my roommate if she saw anything and she confirmed it. We got the scare of our life and quickly took our bible out and say a prayer and after that we join our beds together and go to sleep and dare not look at whatever it may be outside. The next morning, we gather together again and discussed about the incident and realised that it wasn’t a dream at all.

Over the years of staying there, I sometimes do hear funny sound. And now I realised that spirit does exist in this world. I have since left the home but those incident did scared me abit. Who wouldn’t if you are only at a tender age.

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