Tampines ave 4 Blk 946

This is at a scary place near Tampines Library. This is my cousins house at blk 946. My cousin asked me to sleep at her house because she said to me that she is very lonely i didn’t know that the house was haunted. So i decided to sleepover at her house. And this is how the story goes….

I went to her house in the evening at 7.00pm. When i reach there, she waited me at the bus stop. When i ask her why she waited me at the bus stop, she said that she is scared. Then i laught at her. She just ignore.

When i step in her house, i felt uncomfortable. But i just ignore. I told her to cook something to eat but she said no and she said that all the dishes are served. I ask her what did she cook. She only said that the ghost in the house did it. When i went to the kitchen, i saw all the things moving by their own. I felt that i want to faint!! We was thinking of staying in the bed room for the rest of the night but suddenly the music turn on very quickly and the bed there were a couple sleeping. We ran out of the house and sleep at the voideck.

The next day, i ask my auntie about that house and she told me that all the family members commited suicide at the house and that’s why the house was HAUNTED!!!!