Cockpit Hotel

I have always wanted to meet these usual beings face to face. Honestly I am scared but I just love to explore and be different. My family is the religious sort but not me. My mum said that I am the devil among my siblings. At school during camping time while I was in secondary school years, my school organised a camping at Sarimbun Camp every year but too bad I saw nothing and nothing approached me. All I see was a white cloth hanging on a banana tree. And rumours said that my school toilet located at the first floor was haunted but I ever smoke there alone but nothing happened. Im not asking for any mishaps but I just want to meet these unusual beings and explore. More or less I have actually sense that these things are around me except that it has not made itself presence as yet.

Im sure most of the S?porean have heard of the Cockpit Hotel. I wonder why the vacant building is stranded there without being demolished as it has been abandoned for years. I have been wanting to explore that hotel for soo loong.

One Saturday night, early in the wee morning around 1 am, after watching a movie with my boyfriend at Cineleisure, we decided to walk past Cockpit Hotel to ?see? anything unusual. It is very interesting to find out about this abandoned building located exactly near the Istana. The atmosphere was simply like a ghost town. The place was cold and freezy. There was no one around except us. Cars were hardly seen. My boyfriend warned me not to alert him anything unusual till we get home safely.

As we walked passed the building, we notice that the entrance door on the first floor is open but there is a caretaker siting there. I can still vividly remember that I could see what?s inside the hotel located near the entrance. I noticed that there are like a lot of ?people? inside walking about but it was pitched dark. My instinct told me that I should go inside and take a look. I told my boyfriend that I wanted to go inside but he refused to let me go and tell me to just walk pass quietly. My eyes did never blink at all as I was observing closely what was inside the hotel. I could also hear the people talking and the sound like plates and glass and it was like having a party inside. I glance at the whole building again and it was like creepy?. I wasn?t at all scared. Instead I am still interested to know more what is inside the hotel. Maybe I can befriend one of these ?people?. When I asked my boyfriend whether he seen anything he said no.

Till now, I could not figure out why there were so many ?people? walking about in the hotel reception in the dark??.

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