Red House

I read all abt the story of Red House at downtown east. Since i know those guyz who went there, i know that it is true. After what i heard abt what happened, some of my frenz invited me to join them to go to the Red House. As i was an adventurer, i agreed.

We went there as a group…boys and girls. The boys were armed with torches etc etc. I did not want to believe there were ghosts there until i saw them with my eyes. And saw them…i did. As we were approaching the Red House, someone told us that girls during their period can’t come in. Fortunately, i was not. Although we were ready to go in, the gate of the house was already sealed with the police tape. As the boys were argueing abt wanting to cut off the tape or not, my friend and i looked into the house from the outside. I watched, intent that i won’t see something. Boy..was I WRONG. Suddenly, i could feel my hair standing up, i feel cold…unnaturally cold. Slowly…i just concentrated…i felt like drifting away…i couldn’t hear anyone talking or any sound at all. There was a total, unnatural silence. The window…what was there captivated me. I saw..i ..saw.. a figure there, staring at me. Although it was quite far, i feel as if i could see it’s eyes…red, red, red. It had long untidy hair. It was a woman. How i knew, don’t ask me. I just Knew. God! She just stood there, staring at me. Just stared. I wanted to look away. But i couldn’t.

Then, her hands slowly moved and guess what she did? She beckoned me. It was as if she was saying…”come in…come…in…you and ..ur frenz…come in.” And she smiled, i think she smiled. But it was a gruesome smile. I just shook my head. She beckoned again. I shook my head. Suddenly, she was gone. I turned around, she was looking at me. She told me she wanted to get out of there. I agreed. Then..precisely at that moment,a police car came. I turned to tell the guys that the girls wanted to go back.

When i turned back..i nearly fainted. That woman…she was standing near the gate, just right there ,standing there and beckoning at me. I was at a loss of words. Again…there was that unnatural silence. As if i was deaf. Then, the ploice car drove away. And me…i walked away. As if it was in my mind…i could still hear her voice..”come in…”. As if she was still not giving up. But I just ignored that voice. Luckily, i suceeded. My friends followed me.

When we were sure that we were far from the Red house, some of my friends confessed that they had seen something or felt apresence there. That was the reason why they were soo fast to agree with me to get out of there. They were terrified, their pale. I decided not to tell them abt my experience with the woman. They were frightened enough. Even when i’m writting it down, i could still see her…and hear her voice.

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