Red House

Well this happened around 2 months ago. At that time, our exams had just ended and me and my friends were kinda bored, we were hanging around at downtown east and one of my friends suggested that we visited the well known red house. It was around 3pm in the afternoon.

After a long walk lead by my friend, we reached the old fashioned house. According to my friend, we were supposed to go into the house in pairs. There were 10 of us and 3 decided to stay out as they were having their period and were considered unclean. But one of them, sha decided to go into the house in the end to make the group equal.

While walking in the around the front compound, sha stopped and grabbed onto my friend KiKi’s hand tightly and whispered to her, “We must go out of here.” Sha and KiKi made their way out while the rest of us wandered round the compound. 4 of us went into the house(blk A) and the others stayed outside~ Then my hand phone rang. It was kiki. She told us that something was wrong with sha and we all quickly went out forgetting to close the gate.

We went out and saw the gers around 200m away from the house, sha was squatting on the floor with a weird look on her face while the others crowd around her asking her whether she was alright. She said nothing and we tried to pick her up as we wanted to get out of the place but sha was weak, she could not even stand, finally she can walk properly but then, she started laughing, we were afraid, she told us that the ‘ghost’ told her that ‘it’ liked us… We were pretty freaked out by then, so, we decided to seek help from the neighbors~ Luckily a kind lady(Auntie Jo) helped us~She prayed with us and warned us not to go back to the house as she herself also heard stories about it. She told us about this bomoh who practices black magic there and the encounters which her nephews had there.

After about 1/2 hour, we walked all the way back to downtown east and sat sown at KFC where sha told us her story. She said that she saw a dark face staring at her and smiling at her at blk B which was facing block A.

The next day at school, sha said that she is still feeling weird at that she had tried to seek help from her grandfather who later told her that she might be followed by a spirit that she encountered at the Red House. She told us that she is starting to see the black face and other black figures around the school, strangely, another one of my friends, cher also started to see these figures~We wanted to dismiss these as our imaginations but sha and cher were seeing the exact same kind of figures at the exact same time and spot!

Soon, some guys in the school got to know about it and told us that by leaving the gate open, the ‘spirits’ will follow us out and that we must go back to the house to ‘return’ the ‘spirits’ back. They boys decided to go back to the house with us. This time, we were armed with torches, video recorders and tape recorders. It was in the afternoon.

We went back to the house with about 14 people with us, Cher was late, so, we decided to go to the house first and meet her there. We explored around compound, then sha who was with us, suddenly squatted down and cried and about a split minute later, cher ran into the compound crying and screaming that the black figures were following her, everywhere she go, even in the bus! Both sha and cher huddled and cried, then, they summoned up the courage to go into blk A to ‘return’ the ‘spirits’. Reluctently, screaming at the unseen ‘thing’ and sobbing, they ran into the house. Finally, they came out and quickly went out of the compund while the guys explored the inside of blk A.

After around 1/2hour or so, the guys came out of the compound and after about 1km away from the house, a guy told us that he saw a white ‘thing’ flew past him. We rewinded the tape and we heard some strange music playing and a scream in the background but at that time when the boys were in the house, no one else was around and all was silent. Sadly, the video cam had no battery~ thinking that we heard wrongly, we went to a friend’s home to re-play the tape, we put it into the hi-fi set and turned on the volume really loud, weird enough, the music and scream was there and all of us there heard it, we were afraid.

At school the next day, the tape was the talk of the class and people wanted to hear it and all of them heard the unknown music and scream. Worse of all, sha and cher were still seeing the black figures, it was then known that they should return the “thing” to where they first saw it, which is blk B. For the third time, we went back to the house. This time, we forced them into the correct blk and finally things were fine. While walking back, sha laughed to herself and told us that the ‘thing’ said that ‘it’ was starting to like all of us cause we went back to visit it so many times. After this incident, we decided never to go back to the house again. We were scared enough.

The last time i went back there, there were contractors around and new pipes and lighting were placed in the house. I wonder what is going to happened to the house. The guys went back too, they took some pictures and stuff but in the pictures, the house seemed quite normal but inside my heart, i know that the house is a place where strange things happen.

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