Computer Lab

This incident I saw it with my own eye.

It was school holiday, there was NPCC annual camp. As usual, group by group, we took turns to do patrol around the school. There wasn’t any security guard then.

In a sleepy mood, we had to do patrol anyway. It was around 2am in the morning, patroling around the school campus. When my group and I pass by the computer lab, there was blue light coming from it. We we look inside, one of the computer was on, and the light is blue, no blinking. We assumed someone did not off the computer in the day. So we use walkie talkie to report to one of our in-charge sir.

For unknown reason, our sir told us to report back, and tell us to keep it to ourselves about it and ask us to go back to our bunk to sleep, and don’t have to wake up the next group. Curious, but we went to bed.

Next morning around 6am to report, we ask the pevious group, and they said there wasn’t any lights from the computer lab. And in the morning, the computer was off. Weird, and this beginning to spread through the cadets. During the last day of camp, there was debrief. And our sir told us they were the one in the computer lab and playing computer, and told us don’t go anyhow spread around.

One thing, we really look into the computer lab and knock on the door for at least 15 minutes, there wasnt any movement. The computer screen just black blue, there no blinking which means no one is using the computer.

It still unknown today.

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