Scratch Marks

This incident happened to my sister 6 years ago during her Sec 3 camp at Labrador Park area.

In most sec 3 camps, they will definitely organise a night walk so her camp was no exception. It was 11pm on a thursday night when the walk took place..Basically they just brought the students round the park to experience the ‘night life’ there i supposed. Everything seemed alright. Sis was infact, enjoying the walk with her fellow classmates and sensed nothing amiss.

Sis got back to the campsite to take a shower at about 1am..Under the first few drops of water..she felt excruciating pain at the back of her body (imagine having your wounds in contact with water…Ouch!).Her friends checked it out for her and told her she has some fresh wounds at the back. There were 3 long and rather deep scratch marks across her back and those were responsible for the pains.

When she got back home, I saw the marks myself..It was about 30cm diagonally across her back. All 3 marks were rather parallel and close to each other. We never figure out how it got there. I mean she would have felt the scratching action at the point when it happen..coz those were some serious scratches..But all through the night walk..she felt no pain at all…Till today, no one cud figure out how and when it got there..but Mum being the superstitious one said it could be done by ‘it’ coz my sis was having period on that thursday night and it was ‘their’ place..

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