Trip To Taman Negara

This happened many years back.

During one of my sec school holidays, our schol’s band decided for an excursion to Taman Negara… From the brochure, i find that place kinda tranquil and good for an overseas retreat… so with all means and ways i managed to get my parents to allow me to be part of the trip..Everything was fine, yeah; except that at the causeway some ruffians tried to extort money from us.. by the time we reached Taman Negara, it was already 3 bus rides and 1 boat ride long… being exhausted, all of us decided to rest for the nite and approach our tour guide tomolo.

Strangely, that very night, i had this weird dream that at the center of the room, a dark figure which i cant make out the features of the face was swaying to and fro but everytime standing still at the centre before swaying again.. and next day, thinking tat i might just be too tired, i ignored it. The trip was fun, with the tour guide showing us the hut for viewing tigers, yes really tigers in the deep jungle. There was even trips to villages where the natives really live down to the simplest life with exception of tin cans in their slping area, which marks the many other tourists who have visited them.

Then the tour guide ask us to gather in front of the chief of the natives, which then he was intro-ed as the bomoh. Some rituals was conducted but most of it left us lost…as we do not noe wat he was trying to do..Until the nite falls and we were getting ready to set off for the nite excursion. Before we moved off, the tourguide, Najib, told us tat actually in the day, the bomoh blessed us so that our nite trip will not have any incidents…. initially i tot it was bullsh** but…

As we were walking down to the hut again to try our luck of seeing an white tiger(as the T.N there was deep forested area).. some idiots was playing with the torchlight and shinning up the tree.. until suddenly he stood froze to the ground.. if not for his buddy that pushed him, he might just be left out of the group… but.. he was no longer like he is anymore… his face suddenly turn very pale.. and as his buddy knew that something wasnt right, so he too check out wat is up the tree… and too he saw something … but carry on immediately… As we walked.. ppl at the back of them too follow them to see wats wrong up there that makes him freak out…. and too end up like them.. terrified.. as we ventured, something up there seems to be following us.. as the nite has no breeze but sounds of branches hitting can be heard..

Soon the tourguide was alarmed of wats going on.. and decided to cancel the nite trip and end it for the nite… The very nite.. those who shone the torchlight and saw “something” all are down with wasnt until the last nite, when we were allowed to slp late that they decided to share what they have saw……. when the first idiot shone up the tree, he saw a figure in white dirty cloth.. with stains of blood on the lower body.. staring at them.. and the best part is.. when the torchlight meet the figure’s face, he tot he saw the figure lick a animal of its prey and was disturbed by the torchlight… soon the rest followed to look up oni to find the figure looking at this point.. nobody knows wat to say.. and Najib happened to come over to check out those who had fever… upon pestering and asking.. Najib say that wat they might saw are pontinaks, which might have died during childbirth.. den the natives, sometimes would just leave with in the wild, wrap up in white cloth…. at this point, every one was loss for words and decided to slp..

That very nite.. most of us couldnt slp.. and dunno wat time… suddenly the dark figure appeared and done what i had dreamt… was i dreaming!? I simply closed my eyes tight, for i know.. if its like wat i dreamt.. it would start floating around the room…Mabbe it was due to fatigue that i dozed off after that and we left the next day early in the morning…..On the bus ride… my buddy was starring at me.. as if something happened to me.. but i din know…”wat???” i asked him. and it was many many ‘wats” that he decided to tell wat happened. Apparently, he too dreamt and saw the dark figure too… but initially he tot he was just too tired… as we were toking, the other pair of buddies in that same room turn ard and asked..

“U two saw the same dark figure last nite too?”

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