Anyone been to NACLI camp before ? I dun really know what the word “NACLI” stands for but it has got to do with leadership training. This camp is situated somewhere near kent ridge park. This happened in 1996 (somewhere in the month of November) when my school sent some sec 2s and sec 3s pupils for a leadership camp conducted by the NACLI. The facilities were good and all the bunk were air-conditioned and with several cupboards in the room. My friend was selected to be in this camp and during the first day of the camp nothing went wrong. But during the second night, when everyone were so tired from their training and lectures, they started sleeping around 10 plus. After few hours of sleep( about 12am) there’s a knock on the door and my friend who was light sleeper was awakened by the knock, she went towards the door and took a peek at the eye hole. She saw nobody and felt nothing unusual so she went back and sleep.

Not long, the school’s head prefect came knocking the door at my friend’s bunk. Everyone were awakened by the rude knock from the head prefect got up and see wat’s going on. The head prefect came into the room and demanded who kept knocking at her bunk door. Nobody claimed that they knocked the door and told the head prefect that they were sleeping soundly. My friend told the head prefect that there was a knock on their bunk door too. However, the head prefect still think that someone was playing prank by knocking at the door. They clarified with her that nobody wants to play such a prank when it’s late at night and it could not be the boys cos the boys’ bunk were at the other side of the building.

After the camp, nobody mentioned about the knocking at the bunk door. Around 1997, I was selected to go NACLI camp. All’s well but during the last night of the camp days, we girls couldn’t sleep so we stayed up and chatted the whole night. Suddenly, there was a knock on the bunk door which had interrupted our chat. My junior got up from her bed and went to peek at the eye hole and said ” How come there’s nobdy there ” When she said this, my goosebumps started appearing and I look at my watch and it was 12 am. I got uneasy and wanted to tell my juniors about the earlier experience which my friend had but I didn’t tell them. Actually there’s another more spooky tales told by my other friends about NACLI but still, I am wondering why the mysterious knock at our bunk door.

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