Mysterious Coney Island

Back in 1972, my schoolmates and I from Maju Secondary decided to camp out on the then uninhabited Coney Island for a week and hired a boatman from Changi Point to drop us there and pick us up after a few days.

Upon reaching, while we pitched our tents up, the weather suddenly changed and became pitch black with a voilent storm that blew our tents away and marked the start of things to come. After the storm died down, we repitched our tents that night and were playing cards in the tent when we felt someone throwing small pebbles on our tent after short intervals. When we got out, we could see no one but to our shock, we saw these strange footsteps in one straight line on the sand which didn’t look human. We panicked but decided to investigate and all of us bearing torches, hiked around the whole island that night searching for answers.

What we found was an old WW2 Japanese garrison not far from the beach. It had an eerie feeling and we saw these strange flying insects there that we have never seen on the mainland and they were attacking us. We had to repel them with fire. The whole week, there was filled with unexplained events and mysteries and someone even saw a lady sitting on an old unused jetty at night; where we had to go to collect drinking rain water when we ran out of supplies. It was really a test of courage for all of us then.

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