Perhaps this story is not new to all. But it has strange elements that makes me want to tell you… Back in 1996, I was working in a warehouse located in Loyang. One Saturday afternoon as I was working alone(morning shift guys had already left home), I heard the sound of boxes being dropped to …

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The Ring

My boyfriend`s brother (AR) told me this story…here s how it goes… AR`s friend (S) who is working in the same department as him had to work the graveyard shift. AR works for SATS as an operations assistant while his friend was involved in the loading and unloading of goods in the cargo warehouse. So …

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It was a Saturday night when it happen. My parents was aboard so i decided to have some fun……..who know it was no fun at ALL. I call my friends and ask them to meet at my house at 10 pm, after that we each took a bicycle and cycle our way to “OCH”. I …

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